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“Stalasso Chandelier”

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What is more breathtaking than the emanating natural qualities of stalactites you ask?  That is the creation of David Gappa’s “Stalasso Chandelier,” for a one of a kind private residence located in Fort Worth, Texas.  The carefully manipulated and organic elements of molten glass, combined with the dynamic statements of texture, along with the spectrum of iridized opalescence, bring the “Stalasso Chandelier” to the forefront of this space. The chandelier is joined by exquisite abstract paintings that are adjacent to the art glass lighting bringing a true trifecta of artistic beauty.  “Stalasso” pulls the eye through this wonderfully and meticulously designed living space, allowing you to journey over for a splendid conversation, gourmet delights, or an intriguing game of solitaire under this one of a kind Gappa Glass Chandelier.

Artist: David Gappa “Stalasso Chandelier”