Cosmic Inception, 2022

Skylight Sculpture in Beverly Hills! We love making an impact! When local design firm Forest and Associates asked us for a design on this stunning entryway – we couldn’t wait to get to work. David Gappa and his team designed a custom hanging sculpture that would capture the light and drama in an incredibly impactful way for the space – and then flew to California to install it!

Built-in Grapevine, installed in Beverly Hills. With the help of his highly skilled team, Gappa designed and fabricated the labor-intensive sculpture over several weeks – including the custom metal hanging apparatus and the steel armature for the blown glass pieces to hang from. The result is an incredibly elegant and stunning statement piece that brings this multi-million dollar residence up a notch.

David Gappa’s lifetime of studying art coupled with the knowledge and experience gained from his work as a professional architect provides his clientele with what they need to see their aspirations become a reality.

A snapshot of our galactic expansion, Cosmic hangs suspended between elegance and drama. Each galaxy, represented by over 250 glass spheres, is either on the verge of collision as the glass crystals fly apart or peacefully contained in smooth, dignified spheres. Cosmic is our universal reality…a witness of beauty amidst the chaos, and light before the dark.

Cosmic is a sketch of the galaxy as it sculpts the first planetoids out of dust, gases, and dark matter and surges to the outer edges of space and time. Each glass vessel, suspended by three semi-circular metal waves of glass, portray galactic shrapnel as great forces evolve chaos into beauty. Cosmic is a journey…a journey of strength and beauty, the journey of our grand universe, and a story of the little cosmos within each of us. 

David Gappa

Fine Art Glass