Introspection, 2017

The Neuron installation is approximately 60ft x 40ft x 8ft. Each of the 175 hand blown glass spires is approximately 5′-6″ long and connected to a brushed stainless steel structure with DMX programmable LED lights within. Above the 175 glass spires are 1,050 glass spheres suspended from a lattice work of stainless steel.

David Gappa’s installation titled, “Introspection” is a visible interpretation of an often hidden process in our bodies: the communication of nerves. Designed to capture the essence of thought as it pulsates through a field of synapses, this piece artistically translates the catalytic movement of energy as it transfers through our creative minds.

Designed for the Center for BrainHealth, a part of The University of Texas at Dallas, “Introspection” was installed in April of 2017. Fifty-feet wide by forty-feet long, and weighing an impressive 5,300 pounds, the intricate installation of glass and steel consists of 175 LED-illuminated glass spires and 1,050 hand-blown glass spheres. Each five-and-a-half-foot spire is individually illuminated, and when programmed, slowly pulsates an array of colors across the entire piece, similar to the electric impulses passed from one nerve cell to another. As the focal point of the research institute’s multi-purpose room, “Introspection” will serve as a visual reminder of the institution’s commitment to enhancing, protecting and restoring brain health across the lifespan.

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